This is not in any way an official page of the Society for Creative Anachronism nor the Kingdom of Meridies. It does not delineate policy of any kind. This page is designed purely for entertainment and the enjoyment of the populace.

If you are a member of the Chivalry of Meridies and do not wish to have your information or pictures published on this website or are unhappy in anyway with your entry on this site, please contact me, THL Anneke von Eisenberg, and I will correct the matter with all haste. It is my goal for the Chivalry be very pleased with and proud of this site.

A good, solid effort has been maintained to make sure the information contained within this website is correct and up-to-date, however mistakes do happen. If you should find an error in this site, an omission or if you have information or images that will make the site better, please contact me.

Special thanks should go out to all the kind people who have contributed to this site. Among those who have helped, in no particular order, are:

Mistress Alys Wallace, who maintained this site for many years, Sir John the Pursuwer, Sir Richard of Rae Fen, Ceara inghean mhic Thearlaich, David Duggar, Lord Brónach ua Mochonne, Duke Boru (Bearrach) Aelwyn the Wolfhead, Sir Thomas Blackmoore, Rhiannon of the Isle, THL Maximilian von Braun, Sir Conal MacDale, Sir Ulrich and many, many others. I thank you all most heartily, I could not have pulled all this together without your kind assistance.

Thank you for visiting.

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